Vidya Sanskaar Institute of Science, Commerce, and Management is home to the Science Club, a dynamic community dedicated to fostering intellectual curiosity and hands-on exploration. The club not only studies science but also experiences it, transforming theoretical concepts into exciting experiments. The club offers a platform for students to explore various scientific disciplines, from physics to biology, chemistry, and environmental science. Through activities like experiments, science fairs, and interactive workshops, the club fosters a genuine appreciation for the scientific world. Beyond textbooks and lectures, the club provides a platform for students to collaborate on research projects, share discoveries, and engage in scientific discussions. The club actively facilitates connections with professionals, researchers, and scientists, offering valuable insights and inspiration for students' scientific journeys. Whether you're an aspiring physicist, biologist, chemist, or simply fascinated by the natural world, the Science Club invites you to join us on a journey of scientific inquiry and discovery.


  • Foster a culture of curiosity and inquiry by providing a platform for students to propose, plan, and conduct their own research projects in areas related to science and computer application.
  • Organize coding competitions and hackathons to promote collaboration between science and computer science students and fostering a holistic approach to problem-solving.
  • Bring in industry professionals and experts to conduct talks and workshops on the latest trends, technologies, and career paths in both scientific research and computer applications.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities between current students and alumni who have successfully pursued careers in science and computer applications. Alumni can provide insights, mentorship, and guidance.