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Vidya Sanskaar Institute of Science, Commerce, and Management is a hub for academic dynamism, with the Curriculum Enrichment Committee aiming to create an enriched learning experience. The committee goes beyond traditional educational norms, fostering creativity and a love for learning. Its mission is to create an environment that goes beyond textbooks, encouraging students to explore, question, and engage with knowledge beyond conventional boundaries. The curriculum is not just about absorbing information; it teaches critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a passion for lifelong learning. The committee organizes activities that challenge students to think creatively, apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, and develop a holistic understanding of their subjects. It also facilitates connections between students and thought leaders, organizing seminars, workshops, and events to bring the academic community together. The committee invites students to embark on a transformative journey of academic exploration, aiming to enrich the educational experience for every student.


  • To implement strategies to broaden the range of courses, providing students with diverse subjects to cater to various interests, emerging fields, and industry demands.
  • To incorporate practical learning experiences like internships, industry projects, and workshops, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios and develop practical skills.
  • To foster collaboration between departments and faculties to encourage interdisciplinary studies, promoting holistic understanding of complex issues through interdisciplinary courses.
  • To implement strategies to stay updated on industry trends, technological advancements, and global developments, ensuring students have the latest knowledge and skills for success in their respective fields.
  • To foster student research and innovation through resources, mentorship, and funding, encouraging faculty-student collaborations and projects that advance knowledge and tackle real-world challenges.