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Vidya Sanskaar Institute of Science, Commerce, and Management offers a dynamic Commerce Club that immerses students in the practical realms of business, finance, and economics. The club breaks free from textbooks and offers hands-on experiences, interactive workshops, and seminars to transform academic concepts into practical insights for the real business world. The Commerce Club fosters entrepreneurial spirit and innovation by encouraging students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. It actively facilitates connections through guest lectures and industry visits, providing platforms for students to interact with professionals, alumni, and like-minded peers. The Commerce Club is not just a club; it serves as a launchpad for future business leaders, entrepreneurs, and contributors to economic development. Whether you dream of starting your own business, mastering finance, or leading in the corporate world, the Commerce Club invites you to join a community where commerce is more than a subject – it's a way of life.


  • To provide a platform for students to expand their knowledge in the field of commerce by organizing workshops, seminars, and guest lectures with industry experts.
  • To facilitate opportunities for students to develop practical skills by conducting skill-building activities like case competitions, mock trading sessions, and business simulations to enhance hands-on experience.
  • To arrange visits to business enterprises, financial institutions, and industry conferences and facilitate interactions with professionals, alumni, and entrepreneurs to expose students to real-world business environments..
  • To encourage an entrepreneurial spirit by organizing events, business idea competitions, startup mentorship programs, and entrepreneurship workshops.
  • To Conduct awareness campaigns on financial literacy, ethical business practices, and sustainable development to contribute positively to society.