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VSISCM campus's Cultural Committee is a crucial group that encourages creative expression, creativity, and cultural enrichment within the campus community. It plans a range of events and activities all through the academic year, creating a welcoming atmosphere where students can appreciate their differences and have deep cultural exchanges. The committee organizes workshops, seminars, and cultural exchange programs in cooperation with other student bodies, academic departments, and other organizations. The committee seeks to improve the whole student experience, encourage social cohesion, and cultivate an appreciation for the arts and cultural heritage by creating a vibrant cultural environment.


  • To celebrate and showcase the rich cultural diversity within the campus community by celebrating and showcase the rich cultural diversity within the campus community.
  • To Provide a platform for students to express themselves creatively and explore their artistic talents.
  • To promote cultural awareness and understanding among students and staff by hosting workshops and seminars on cultural sensitivity, inclusivity, and global perspectives.
  • To create a welcoming and inclusive environment where every student feels a sense of belonging.
  • To preserve and promote traditional and folk arts within the campus community by supporting performances and exhibitions featuring traditional music, dance, and crafts.