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About Department

The department of Science aims at developing experimental , theoretical and mathematical skills in students along with enhanced Technics in handling chemicals, apparatus and instruments, so as to prepare them for competent, responsible and rewarding careers in Pharmaceutical industries , Laboratories. We strive to achieve the aim with young, dynamic and highly qualified faculty members, state of art infrastructure and Industry-Institution Interaction.

The department has laboratories which are well equipped with latest configuration

Machines, high speed internet, Wi-Fi and legal licensed software. Modern aids such as LCD, Educational CDs make classroom teaching more interesting.

Well equipped chemistry and botany laboratories with the basic and modernised instruments like hot air oven, Fume wood to carry out the organic reactions, and an autoclave.

We encourage extra-curricular activities as they help in developing the student’s personality which ultimately enhances their future. It is our constant endeavour to shape personalities who will contribute positively to their world around them.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  • To understand scientific, mathematical and theoretical foundations of information technologies to address the technological challenges.
  • To possess knowledge and skills in the field of science, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing units, and production plants of pharma and also the knowledge required for higher education, Academics, entrepreneurship and Pharmaceutical industry.
  • To acquire good communication/soft skills, presentation, and team work leading to competent professionals to solve multidisciplinary problem with user centric approach.
  • To develop conscience of ethical practices and commitment towards societal contributions through lifelong learning.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

Upon successful completion of UG course in BSc , the Graduates will be able to attain following Program Specific Outcomes:

  • Apply Skill based practical knowledges in various fields of preparation of chemicals, growth of microbes, development of medicines. And their adverse effects.
  • Organize, monitor and manage Laboratory infrastructure resources of an individual or an organization.

Program Outcomes (POs):

  • Graduates of Science program will be able to attain,
  • Knowledge of computing, mathematics including , science and technology for developing solutions for current problems caused by any microbes or virus.
  • Identify and formulate systematic solutions for complex Scientific problems through experimentations and analyzing the data.
  • Design, implement and evaluate a software/hardware system to meet desired specifications within realistic constraints.
  • Use techniques, skills, and modern Instrumental technological tools, significant for practice as a pharmaceutical professional.
  • Identify professional, ethical, social issues and responsibilities.

Department SWOC


  • Qualified, experienced and dedicated staff with good faculty retention ratio.
  • Well-equipped Laboratories.
  • Faculty members are involved in design, development and implementation of curriculum in Board of Studies of affiliating university.
  • Effective use of ICT in teaching learning process.
  • Assistance by staff members for counselling and mentoring of the students.
  • Efficient Academic monitoring.
  • A wide range of academic programs,
  • A diverse and vibrant student body and campus community


  • Refinement in aptitude and communication skill for students
  • Modest employability.


  • Promotion for Ph.D / R&D / Field works / Seminars etc.,
  • Conduction of FDP and Workshops.
  • Organization of national/international conferences and value addition programs.
  • Motivation for sponsored projects.


  • Better Placement in companies
  • Intensify industry and institute interaction.
  • Establishing apprehension about employment opportunities in IISc.
  • Efficacious participation of alumni for strengthening the department.

Future Plans:

  • To promote patents.
  • To prepare students for placement from entry level.
  • To Establish linkages with reputed industries.
  • Online submission and assessment of assignment and unit test.
  • Setting up a virtual laboratory for programming based assignments.


Short term Goals

  • To produce more University Gold Medals
  • To develop organizational skills, core competence and ethics in first year engineering students, that they need, as true professionals for achieving success in life
  • To get International Accreditation for the programme
  • To achieve more Institute-Industry collaboration to the student’s level
  • To organize referral lab and provide test facilities as per National standards. To regularly publish special books and manuals for chemistry, Botany and in mathematics
  • To enthuse coalitions and communications in support of developmental activities of College
  • To conduct International and National conference and seminar every year

Long term Goals

  • To impart quality Education and achieve Academic excellence through planning, leadership, brilliance, inspiration and effectiveness