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Vidya Sanskaar Institute of Science, Commerce, and Management is home to the National Festival Committee, a dynamic force dedicated to instilling pride, unity, and cultural heritage. The committee goes beyond event planning, creating an atmosphere where the spirit of the nation comes alive. They organize events, cultural programs, and patriotic activities that resonate with the hearts of the diverse community, inspiring camaraderie among students, faculty, and staff. Beyond the celebratory aspect, the committee actively engages in educational initiatives, enhancing awareness and understanding of the historical and cultural significance of national festivals. They collaborate with artists, cultural organizations, and enthusiasts to infuse authenticity and depth into their celebrations. The committee welcomes all, whether a fervent patriot, cultural enthusiast, or someone eager to partake in the celebrations of our diverse nation.


  • Foster a sense of national pride, identity, and patriotism among students and the campus community.
  • 2. Facilitate cultural integration and unity among students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Provide educational programs and forums that raise awareness about the historical and cultural significance of national festivals.
  • Extend the celebration of national festivals beyond the campus and engage with the local community.
  • Ensure that national festival celebrations are inclusive and provide opportunities for all students to participate.