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The Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) was established to assist and advise students from marginalised groups such as Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Communities (OBCs), minority communities, and so on who are pursuing various programmes of study at the College.


Oversee the effective implementation of policies and programmes for disadvantaged groups, provide guidance and counselling on academic, financial, social, and other issues, and increase campus diversity.

Policy Framework

Article 16 mandates equal opportunity in matters of public employment. Article 16(2) further states that no citizen shall on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, residence or any of them, be ineligible for, or discriminated against in respect of, any employment or office under the State.

Effective equal opportunities policy

The key to an effective equal opportunities policy is ensuring that this is clearly drafted so that it can be easily understood by all members of staff. You should always use plain English, avoiding technical jargon so that the policy is user-friendly to everyone.

The terms of the policy should be realistic and not too restrictive. This means that you and your management team must be prepared to enforce any rules and procedures put in place for dealing with discriminatory conduct reported under the policy, and these shouldn’t unnecessarily limit the way in which you are able to run your business.

The policy should also be easily accessible to all members of staff, where induction will play a key role in ensuring all new-starters are aware of its existence and where to locate it. Further, by providing training on equal opportunities, you can help to ensure that your policy and procedures are respected, fully understood, and taken seriously.

Reviewing the equal opportunities policy

The importance of regular review and updates to an equal opportunities policy cannot be underestimated. There may be general changes to the law in relation to equality and diversity which should always be reflected in any workplace policy to ensure this is fit for purpose. The environment in which your college operates may also change, or any growth in the size of your workforce may result in the need for a different approach.

Given the importance of a customised equal opportunities policy, both in providing clear and legally compliant guidance for your staff and management in the context of your college, and in defending any tribunal claims made against you, it is crucial that your policy is regularly reviewed and remains up-to-date.

It also follows that any updated practices and procedures are clearly communicated to your staff, to ensure that everyone is aware of what is required of them at all times.

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