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Vidya Sanskaar Institute of Science, Commerce, and Management College is dedicated to providing a secure and inclusive environment for its students and employees. The Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee (ASHC) is established to prevent and address incidents of sexual harassment, ensuring the well-being and safety of the academic community. It also provides a confidential and supportive platform for individuals who have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment, handling complaints with sensitivity and conducting fair investigations. The committee also encourages open dialogue and prompt reporting of inappropriate behaviour. The ASHC plays a crucial role in upholding the commitment to a secure and welcoming environment, fostering an environment where everyone can pursue their academic and professional goals without fear of harassment.

Mission Statement

The Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee's goal is to provide a safe space free from sexual harassment in which each person is treated with dignity and feels supported and safe.


  • To develop and implement proactive measures to prevent sexual harassment within the institution.
  • To establish comprehensive and clear policies regarding sexual harassment and ensure their effective implementation.
  • To create a safe and accessible reporting mechanism for individuals who experience or witness sexual harassment.
  • To conduct fair and thorough investigations into reported cases of sexual harassment and facilitate resolution if any.
  • To provide support for victims and work towards the rehabilitation of individuals involved in sexual harassment incidents.
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