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At the Vidya Sanskaar Institute of Science, Commerce, and Management, the Red Ribbon Club (RRC) is a committed program that raises awareness of social responsibility and health. It acts as a guiding light for HIV/AIDS prevention and education, including community education campaigns, seminars, and workshops. The group supports healthy behaviours and safe habits, such safe intercourse, responsible conduct, and routine physical examinations. Outside of campus, the RRC works with neighbourhood NGOs and health groups to combat stigmas and encourage a healthy lifestyle. There are additional workshops available on stress management, wellbeing, physical fitness, and preventing drug usage. The RRC is a movement that aims to create a community that is healthier, better knowledgeable, more socially conscious than it is merely an organization.


Providing correct information about HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support as well as treatment and service facilities to the youth through this Red Ribbon Club.


  • To create awareness among students about ways to prevent HIV/AIDS and reduce the number of new infections among young people.
  • Students develop a mind-set of helping and supporting people living with HIV and reduce stigma and discrimination in society.
  • Encouraging voluntary blood donation among students.

Activities conducted by Red Ribbon Club

  • Training students on HIV/AIDS.
  • Organizing Competitions Essay Competition Poster Making Short Play Debate Competition Quiz etc.
  • To inform about the social benefits provided by the government to HIV infected/affected women and sexual minorities.
  • Organizing blood donation camp in college.
  • Celebrating World AIDS Day on 1st December.
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