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Vidya Sanskaar Institute of Science, Commerce and Management has a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging. Ragging is strictly prohibited on campus or outside the campus in any form by our students. Students found guilty of ragging will have to face severe consequences according to the guidelines provided by the Honourable Supreme Court of India. As per the guidelines, the college has the Anti-Ragging Committee in place to address any complaints or incidents of ragging by our students.

Anti-Ragging Policy

✓ Ragging is defined as any act of physical or mental abuse, harassment, or intimidation directed towards another student. This includes but is not limited to, teasing, bullying, and any behaviour that causes discomfort, fear, or psychological harm

✓ The college maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging in any form. Any student found involved in ragging activities will face immediate and stringent disciplinary action

✓ Students engaging in ragging will face severe consequences, including suspension, expulsion, and legal action as per the law. The severity of penalties will not be compromised under any circumstances

✓ Students are encouraged to report any incidents of ragging promptly using the confidential reporting mechanism established by the Anti-Ragging Committee. The identity of the whistle-blower will be kept confidential, and no retaliation will be tolerated

✓ The college has constituted an Anti-Ragging Committee and an Anti-Ragging Squad to monitor and address instances of ragging. The members of these committees are identified, and their contact information is available for students to seek assistance

✓ Engaging in ragging is not only a violation of college rules but is also a criminal offense. Students involved may face legal consequences, including imprisonment and fines, in accordance with the provisions of the law

✓ The college is committed to providing support for victims of ragging. Counselling services and other resources are available to those who have experienced ragging. Victims are encouraged to come forward and seek assistance without fear of reprisal

✓ All students, along with their parents, are required to sign an annual affidavit affirming their awareness of the anti-ragging rules and their commitment to abiding by them. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action

✓ The college conducts ongoing educational initiatives, including awareness programs and campaigns, to sensitize students about the negative consequences of ragging. Active participation from both students and faculty is encouraged to foster a culture of mutual respect

✓ College students engaging in ragging activities may face suspension, potential dismissal, legal action, and fines to maintain a safe and respectful learning environment

If you/anyone experienced Ragging Report to
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