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The formation of the Students Grievance Redressal Committee is indicative of Vidya Sanskaar College's dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. We invite every student to use this forum to express their issues and help our school community get better every day.

The main goal of Vidya Sanskaar Science, Commerce, and Management College's Students Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC) Constitution is to give students an unbiased forum to voice their issues, complaints, and grievances in an open and efficient manner. The committee is made up of committed professors and student representatives who are committed to making sure that the resolution process is impartial and fair. The committee's diversified makeup guarantees a thorough grasp of the range of problems that students can run into during their academic careers.

Roles and Responsibilities:

 Grievance Resolution: In order to quickly settle issues and grievances between learners, faculty members, and administration, SGRC will serve as a mediator.

 Confidentiality: To foster a secure and dependable atmosphere, the committee protects the privacy of the information disclosed during the grievance redressal procedure.

 Recommendations: After conducting in-depth investigations, SGRC may advise the college administration on how to modify policies and take preventative action to stop similar complaints from happening in the future.

  Education and Awareness: SGRC will take a proactive approach to informing students about their rights and obligations as well as the grievance redressal procedure.

Students can submit their grievances through the dedicated online portal on the college website. The committee will ensure that every grievance is thoroughly investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

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