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School Rules


The academic year begins on 1st June and closes on 31st May of the following year.

Fee Rules

Fee is collected in full at the beginning of the academic year.

A letter addressed to the Principal/Administrator has to be submitted in case of request for payment in instalments.

Payment is allowed in two instalments only if sanctioned. 50% before June 10th and the balance by September 10th.

The Term fee does not include the cost of textbooks, notebooks, stationery, bus fees, uniforms, excursions, educational trips, Board exam fees, extra-curricular activities or any other items used by the students.

Payment of the fee within the specified dates will not attract any penalty. Any delay in the payment upto the end of the first month will attract a late payment fee of 100/-. Payments made thereafter will attract late payment fee of 150/-per month.

In case of any cheques being dishonoured, a processing fee of `250/- will be applicable in addition to the bank charges.

In case the term fee has not been paid by the end of the term, the student’s name will be taken off the roll.

The student will be granted re admission, if he/she desires, only after all the outstanding dues are completed. However, the student will have to apply for admission to the school by following the same procedure as for a new admission.

Admission of the student in such a case is not guaranteed and will be decided by the management.

Students using the school transport need to pay the bus fees as intimated by the school.

Bus fee is levied for 12 months. The fee has to be paid every four months as intimated by the school.

Alternatively, the fee for all the 12 months can be paid at the beginning of the year.

The fee structure of the school is subject to change at the discretion of the management and will be notified to the parents at the beginning of each academic year.

In case a student wishes to withdraw from the school during the academic year, the parents/guardian need to inform the office about the same in writing. The fees for the entire term has to be paid even if the intimation is received on the first day of the term.

All library books, equipment provided by the school, if any, need to be returned and outstanding dues paid while withdrawing a child from the school. School leaving certificate will be issued only on meeting these requirements.


Regular attendance to school is important. 75% attendance in an academic year is required for all students.

Sports, games and other activities are an integral part of the curriculum. All students are expected to take part in them unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the teacher.

Attendance on the first day after long vacation and last day before long vacation is compulsory. In case of extension of leave, prior permission has to be taken in writing, from the Principal. Permission will be granted only for valid reasons.

In case of absence due to medical reasons, the school must be informed as early as possible. In case of an infectious or contagious disease, the pupil can attend school only after submitting a medical certificate of fitness issued by a registered medical practitioner.

A leave letter addressed to the class teacher needs to be sent for absence of the student from school. A medical certificate needs to be sent in case the student is absent for 3 days or more.

Students are expected to attend school in the prescribed uniform except on special occasions as informed by the school. The prescribed sports uniform needs to be worn on the specified days. They must wear their identity card daily. No color dress to be worn on birthdays. Pre-Primary children are allowed to wear color dress on their birthdays.

Boys need to keep their hair short and have it cut regularly. Fancy Hairstyle as per the latest fashion is not allowed. If girls sport short hair they need to secure it using black hair bands/clips. In case, the hair is long it needs to be plaited and tied up with black ribbons.

Nails must be kept short. They must be cut and cleaned regularly. Application of nail polish or mehendi is not allowed.

Distribution of sweets, cakes, food items or any other items is strictly prohibited on birthdays or any other occasions including festivals.

The School Diary will be the means of communication between the teacher and the parents. Parents are requested to check the diary daily for Home assignments and any communication sent by the teacher or the school, and acknowledge the same with their signature.

Parents will be informed about Parent-Teacher meetings regularly. Prior permission from the Principal is needed in case parents wish to visit the school during the school working hours.

Parents are requested not to enter the classrooms or other rooms of the school during the school working hours. Parents are advised to meet the teachers during the scheduled meetings only. In caseof any emergency, prior permission from the Principal is necessary.

Students cannot be taken away from the school premises during the school working hours or during any school programme without the permission from the Principal.

Parents need to ensure that all things brought to the school by the students are properly labelled with the details of name, class and ID No. for identification. These include text and notebooks, stationery, bags and any other materials and equipment brought by the child. Shoes and sweaters need to be labelled too.

Students need to be careful with all school property and equipments. Students need to refrain from writing or scribbling on the desk, walls, buses or any other property of the school. Parents/Guardians are liable to reimburse the cost towards any school property or equipment damaged by their child/ward.

Students should follow the rules of conduct and discipline inside the school premises and in public places. The reputation of the school is reflected by the good behavior of its students.

The school can remove the name of the student from the rolls in case the conduct of the student is not satisfactory in the opinion of the staff and/or the Principal.

Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by ensuring discipline and regular work habits of their children both in school and at home. This will enable the school to mould the children into sincere, hard-working and disciplined global citizens.

No books (other than text books or library books), magazine, pen-drive, CDs, cash, mobile phones, camera, ransistor may be brought to school without the Principal’s permission.

Since it is a co-ed school, it is expected that students behave in a manner, which bring a good name to the school community. They should not indulge in anti-social activity, inside or outside the school.

There should be perfect harmony among the students.

The school reserves the right to take strict disciplinary action against a student whose performance in studies is constantly unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.

Lending or borrowing money and other articles is not permitted.

Bullying and using foul language are punishable offences.