Who we are?

Vidya Sanskaar International Public School, set up in a pristine and ideally located campus provides a balanced and child friendly environment focused on shaping children into leaders of tomorrow. Towards this goal, we offer comprehensive education through a progressive developmental approach. The school’s approach to education promotes systematic initiatives, fosters independence, develops a love for learning, facilitates a connection with the society and creates a sense of responsibility amongst all its students. We welcome all parents to a contemporary and child friendly school.


Vidya Sanskaar International Public School follows the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus. The CBSE board plays a leading role in raising the standard of education in India and provides innovative approaches to education and learning.


While adopting the CBSE syllabus, Vidya Sanskaar ensures a contemporary approach to its curriculum by adopting national and global best practices in education. our approach includes:

  • CBSE and NCERT recommendations as well as global curriculums.
  • An open approach that recognises the contextual and experiential learning requirements for all concepts
  • A process that integrates all facets of pedagogic design, finely crafted and customised to meet present day learning needs and outcomes
  • multiple intelligences
  • activity based learning strategies
  • integrated projectsLearning by Doing’ as that helps the child remember concepts permanently.
  • An academic system that is judiciously empowered with ICT tools, technologies and practices.
  • Focus on learning standards, managed by structured lesson resources and relevant assessments.
  • Recommended board requirements for continuous and comprehensive assessments which are an integral part of the academic programme.

Our faculty are trained by experts in curriculum design and academic process management in order to drive the evolving progressive standards and learning requirements of students. Intense ongoing training and mentoring is a regular practice, which ensures that children get the best out of their day at school and enjoy the process of learning and development. Faculty are highly experienced in their domains and are carefully chosen for our innovative approach to education. They provide the best support and guidance to children for whom the school is like a second home and an extended family.


Knowledge Delivery 100%
Effective Teaching 98%
Coaching 94%
Sports and Cultural Activities 97%
Study Materials 90%
Brainstorming Activities 85%
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